Eclipse August 21, 2017




Logan wearing his memorable 2017 eclipse t-shirt!

This was too FUN not to share — even though I sadly have only 1 faithful follower/visitor (thanks so much, Jen!) that comments or even likes a post — not sure why?  I don’t post often, as I get busy with pattern testing and occasionally need to do laundry/clean house — LOL — but it’s still nice to hear from folks that stop by!  Sooo, if you enjoy this wonderful freebie, I’d love to know with a quick “Like” or comment so I know you felt it was worth my time to post all the links/info — thanks everyone! 😉

For anyone who would like to help their child (or themselves) recall the once-in-a-lifetime event that occurred yesterday, this FREE eclipse logo can be obtained here.

It was posted on Facebook by doll enthusiasts Lee & Pearl, is free and includes logos for all 3 popular doll sizes (18-inch, 16-inch & 14-14.5-inch) all on 1 page, after being tweaked and scaled for dolls by L&P.  Isn’t that just amazing?!  The logo was originally shared by NASA, which is also so COOL!

It can be printed onto heat transfer paper.  Heat transfer paper for ironing onto DARK fabrics does not reverse the image, so you print the image not reversed onto the paper, using a color inkjet printer and inkjet heat transfer paper. It doesn’t work with a laser printer.  Lee & Pearl will even provide a reverse version in their next Newsletter and you can sign up to receive it free here.

An added BONUS for signing up for their newsletter is a wonderful FREE pattern. Their patterns are amazing and fit beautifully!  Several of my previous posts feature some of those other patterns.

I didn’t happen to have any transfer paper on hand, but had Tailor brand Iron-On Quick Fuse Fabric Sheets for ink-jet printers and that’s what I used on Logan’s Unisex T-shirt which can be found here.

Okay, think I included all the necessary info, so please download/share with your friends/family, go visit Lee & Pearl and most of all ENJOY!!! 😉




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I’ve done quite a bit of pattern testing recently, hence my absence here. I wanted to share two sweet new patterns by  Terrie is an amazing designer and her pattern prices are quite reasonable in my honest opinion, plus she often offers 1/2 off!


Jewell, the overdress/jumper pattern, is simply stunning with the clever mid-length skirt designed to show off the details you add to your slip. Underthings, the sumptuous slip pattern, includes the bloomers and can be enhanced to your heart’s content with lace/eyelet trims as well as gorgeous heirloom stitching.  Terrie includes directions for using a wing needle to add your own machine’s heirloom stitches, so you receive a sewing lesson right along with your pattern! 😉

Country Girl


Occasionally I do pattern testing and this is one that I really enjoyed having the opportunity to test, especially since I’d just brought Tenney home:


Country Girl is available @ and includes both the dress and petticoat.  Terrie has a great selection of patterns for both 18″ and 14.5″ dolls, so just click on the category that interests you.  Be sure to check out her Boy Cut Jeans or Button Up Shirt patterns while you’re there. The jeans are on my soon-to-sew list for Logan, as is Show Time for Tenney and the shirt pattern works for both! 😉

I chose a 3.5-oz. Jacquard denim fabric, but can picture this in so many different gorgeous fabrics with it’s sweetheart neckline, gathered sleeves and one of my favorite things – it’s low scooped back:


You can also add more embellishments to your petticoat or keep it simple like mine. It’s easy/quick to sew, but adds so much under the full skirt of this sweet country dress. Whether your doll is the newest singing sensation or just dancing to the latest country hit, she’ll definitely have the perfect dress for the occasion!

Julie’s Paisley Embroidered Dress


20170302_142439 - Copy

Marcy from my FAV store in Scottsdale, AZ, this is for you (& everyone else too, of course)! Last July, a friend’s GD put this dress on Julie and we went shopping in Scottsdale, where Julie garnered lots of attention. I don’t get to Scottsdale often, so Marcy’s likely forgotten  what I was talking about when I recently mentioned ‘the paisley dress on Julie’.  So hope she pops in & sees this, as I wasn’t expecting to run into her & had no photo w/me that day.

Found this paisley-embroidered batik fabric long ago @ Joann’s in the ‘remnants’ bin. Hubby saw it and remarked that the pattern was too large for an 18″ doll, but I LOVED it. So, after questioning several other ladies @ the cutting counter, I told him he was overruled. Since it was also on sale @ 40% off that day, it was a ‘steal’, as remnants are sold @ 50% the price on that day – LOVE a bargain and those wonderful sewing ladies that encouraged me rightfully to buy it! 🙂  I decided Julie must have a dress out of it and searched my voluminous pattern stash for ‘just the right dress’, which is: Heritage Doll Fashions 70’s Panel Dress sold @

FYI: I always add little notes when I first sew a pattern, as well as reading any available reviews, so want to share that I LOVE this pattern! Last-minute I decided to put in a zipper instead of Velcro and wished @ that point I’d made the bodice lining longer, maybe even lining the whole dress. I just went with it, but for a long time I’ve wished that it fit just a tad more snugly and plan to either re-do this one or perhaps just make another. Secondly, the collar is about 1/4″ too long, but that was an easy fix.

Regardless, I’m surprised I’ve never before shared this fun dress, but if you decide you can’t live without it, do try on your doll as you sew, since all dolls vary greatly in terms of stuffing from Pleasant Company’s originals to today’s modern AG’s. Always wise to ‘try on as you sew’, just like you must with a real person! 😉





Free: Mad for Plaid Cape Pattern

Julie’s all set on this chilly Arizona day to walk Bo in her Mad for Plaid Cape.  This adorable cape is sooo easy and and quick to make that I just had to share it.  Barb’s directions for that sweet rolled collar really makes it nice – LOVE it!  Hmmm, maybe I should try to make a dog coat/cape for Bo too.


FREE: Mad for Plaid Cape Pattern from Noodle Clothing

Since I know you’ll love it too, please be sure to check out Barb’s Etsy Store: Noodle Clothing as you will be simply smitten with her amazing coat patterns (+ others) in sizes for all your doll friends – your dolls will thank you! 😉

Snug-as-a-Bug Poncho!



QT-Pie Doll Clothing Pattern: Poncho available @


Julie and I highly recommend this adorable, easy to sew, quick to complete poncho pattern.  It can also be made with a cowl neckline instead of the split-neck style I chose for Julie’s poncho. As another reviewer stated, I think I may try it with fleece next. As chilly as it is in southern AZ today, I wish I had this pattern in my size!

Don’t forget to go to Pixie Faire again Wednesday afternoon to see what pattern you can vote on for this week’s Freebie Friday pattern give-away too — another great reason to look forward to Fridays! 😉

Julie’s Butterfly Shrug


I found this cute little knit shrug pattern on Ravelry and just had to see IF it would fit an AG doll. I think it’s beyond cute on Julie, so had to share today (after being absent here for a looong time)!  Julie will be comfy in her little shrug on our Seattle-like day today since it’s in the upper 60’s, overcast and humid!


Free pattern can be found here:

Yarn is Cupcake Confetti by Big Twist purchased @ Joanns. When I saw a sample piece made up, I just had to make something with it for my 18-inch girls. 😉

Camille @ Home Now!


I had to add adorable Camille, AG’s new 14.5″ WellieWisher’s little blond cutie who loves the ocean, as every ‘mermade’ needs her, right?  LOL!  She also makes a great ‘little sis’ for Kit or even Julie, though their eye color is different, just like mine & my brothers. She’s a perfect size for a younger girl to play with, comb her hair and dress and since her body is non-fabric, easy to care for.  See, I thought of so many reasons why I had to have Cami!  🙂 She can even share Kit’s barrettes!


Not! for Knit’s T-Shirt with Dress Variation pattern by Forever 18 Inches sold @

I purchased her @ ToysRUs recently, which is MUCH closer than our Scottsdale AG Place, and couldn’t wait to sew her a new dress!  She need still needs shoes badly, but they aren’t my fav thing to make.  I will one day, as even WW’s can’t wear boots ALL the time and AG hasn’t really come out with any for these smaller dolls yet.  I always wish AG and Journey Girls (TRU) dolls had shoe sets available.  JG’s actually did a couple years ago, but not recently, sadly.  They are very pretty dolls, but all their shoes until just recently (and still available only with outfit purchase) were the same, just different colors and not very exciting.  I prefer to sew doll clothing, but a ‘girl’ just needs matching shoes, after all, and especially sandals here in the desert – sigh!

Thanks so much for stopping by and leave a comment if you wish or if you have any questions!



Liberty Jane’s Kimberley Tank Dress


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Another fabulous pattern from Liberty Jane Clothing, previously linked here.  LJC remains a favorite and this sweet tank dress is no exception:

I used a tulle fabric embellished with tucks, ribbon, decorative thread and clear sequins for my center front & back overlays.  I’ve found so many fabrics that I want to sew this tank dress with that I may never get them all done!  Of course, I now own so many patterns that I’m sure some will never actually be sewn in my lifetime, but hope springs eternal. 😉  When I make this pattern again though, to save time I’ll likely sew my bodice and lining at the arm openings, rather than using the armscye binding.  I’m glad the technique is included though!  I also love the bias-cut unhemmed ruffles and elastic-loop top button closure.  Lots of great techniques in one awesome little dress!

If you’re visiting Pixie Faire before this Friday 10-21-16, be sure to see the LJC Freebie Friday jacket pattern giveaway to fit: Wellie Wishers/Hearts for Hearts/Corolle Les Cheries – I can’t wait to add it to my collection!  😉