MDMS Sew-Along Final Week 19: Fur Vest


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Wow, it’s the final post for the My Doll, My Style Sew-Along today featuring the Fur Vest.  It’s rainy and chilly here today, so Grace has added her fluffy white faux fur vest atop her sweater-knit A-Line Dress.  She’s sure to chase the chill away and look good doing it!


There’s a possibility that we’ll do another sew-along in the future, perhaps in the New Year, so stop back often to see what the future brings.  Plus, I’ve got tons of patterns I still want to sew — you never know what’s going to appear here next! 😉


Do NOT miss out on 2 FREE multi-size doll patterns!


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Reminder for my doll-sewing friends to sign up for the Lee & Pearl mailing list – if you join right now, it’ll be like they’re getting TWO FREE GIFTS.

Their current FREE pattern for mailing list subscribers — Pattern 1025: She Blinded Me with Science – their first multi-size bundle, with patterns that fit 18″ American Girl® dolls, 16″ A Girl for All Time® dolls and 14 1/2″ Wellie Wisher® dolls — is on the way out, and this NEW free pattern:

COMING SOON! Lee & Pearl will debut our NEW FREE PATTERN for mailing list subscribers soon. Make sure to join the Lee & Pearl mailing list to get BOTH Pattern 1025: She Blinded Me with Science, and this lovely new dress pattern as soon as it is available.

is coming later this week – The Gift Bow Front Dress for 18 Inch, 16 Inch and 14 1/2 Inch Dolls.  As a subscriber, you’ll get both patterns without doing anything. But you have to subscribe now or you’ll miss out on She Blinded Me with Science, a wonderful FREE STEM-related pattern, that can also be used to make adorable, multi-sized belted coats for dolls!

NOTE: Even if you missed out on the She Blinded Me With Science pattern, you’ll still get The Gift Bow Front Dress pattern by signing up now!

Tell your friends, or better yet — send them this link so they can sign up right away: CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP FOR THE LEE & PEARL MAILING LIST

So, what are you waiting for???  Remember, this is just one of their amazing patterns I’ve recently sewn:

To see other amazing things sewn from their patterns here on my blog, just click on the Lee & Pearl link in my tags on the left.




MDMS Sew-Along Week 18: Lace Kimono Cardigan


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Kit is modeling the Lace Kimono Cardigan for Week 18 of the My Doll, My Style Sew-Along. I added a little length to mine in order to showcase more of my lace fabric.  This is the same lace I used on her Lace Panel Top from Week 12 that’s worn underneath, along with her Pajama Pants from Week 13. She’s just lounging and resting up after her busy Thanksgiving holiday.

Hard to believe, but next week is our final week of the sew-along, so stop back by to see my final piece, a Fur Vest! 😉

MDMS Sew-Along Weeks 15, 16 & 17


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Posting 3 weeks from the My Doll, My Style Sew-along all at once today:

First up is Kit in her Long-Sleeve Tunic with stretch lace front and sheer lace 3/4 sleeves with the small ruffle.  I struggled to find good stretch lace to make this top and had to settle on this white lace that’s not a fav of mine. Some ladies in the sew-along found great laces with small designs perfect for dolls, which I’m a bit envious of – LOL!

Kit’s also modeling the leggings from Week 17’s Leggings & Jeggings pattern today in a black fashion poly spandex knit fabric that I love, as it’s a substantial knit with great stretch recovery — perfect for leggings as well as attaching the waistband as Anna instructs in her book.  This pattern also includes a capri length, which I will definitely be making for my AZ desert-dwelling dolls! Living here, they’re definitely my go-to pant length.

Lastly, Grace is back in her sweater-knit A-Line Dress from Week 14 (can you tell she LOVES it?), but this time dressed for November’s chilly weather. She’s sporting her gray boots as well as Week 16’s Circle Scarf in an open-weave gray/white knit w/white pom-pom trim to keep her neck snuggly warm.

As you can see, there are just so many options for Anna’s patterns, making her book a real bargain with it’s many pattern variations AND . . . there’s a possibility of another sew-along, so stay tuned for upcoming news on that!!!

MDMS Sew-Along Week 14: A-Line Dress


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Grace is all ready to meet a friend for lunch and maybe do a little shopping in her sweet A-Line MDMS_Week14_20181102_114556Dress made with a sweater knit I’ve had forever in my fabric stash.  She’s styled it today with the ‘simplified’ version of the Fringe Purse, plus her black & silver sandals and handmade black/white earrings.  I simplified the purse (no fringe/no lining) in order to use the faux leather purchased when it was on sale, but you’ll see the darling fringe version also if you check out my link above.

We’re having so much fun with Anna’s sew-along.  I can’t believe it ends November 30th, but I do have 4 of the 5 remaining outfits to pick fabric for and get sewn, so I hope to post my next piece(s) here soon.  If you’re inclined to get Anna’s Book and join us, we’d love to have you and to see your creations over on our closed FB group, plus it’s a great way to get some doll outfits made for upcoming birthdays or holidays! ;’)



MDMS Sew-Along Weeks 12 & 13: Lace-Panel Top & Pajama Pants


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Life’s been busy lately, but wanted to share My Doll My Style’s Sew-along pieces for the last 2 weeks:  Lace-Panel Top and Pajama Pants, which make a great outfit for running errands or just relaxing at home.  The pj pants include actual working pockets and can also be made with a rib-knit cuff @ the ankle to match your waistband, which is a totally cute & fun added bonus to this pattern – love flexibility in my patterns!

MDMS_Weeks12&13_LacePanelTop_PJPants_20181025_112633  20181025_112952

Also, this pair will actually work for my boy dolls, Logan & Noah, so another great bonus, just dependent upon fabric choice. 😉

MDMS Sew-Along Week 11: Fringe Purse


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Lea and Nanea are modeling their new purses from Week 11 of the My Doll, My Style Sew-along:


First, I sewed Lea’s brown fringe bag, which is lined in batik fabric in the same colors as the hand-beaded trim on front & back. I then used that same trim for my purse handle.

Secondly, I made a quick-to-sew unlined gunmetal/black purse in embossed faux leather, trimming it with black/silver ribbon and a few ‘danglies’, as we’ve dubbed the various decorative items hung from our purse handles. ;’)

MDMS Sew-Along Week 10: Flutter Sleeve Tunic


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Found this floral mesh with sequins and thought it would be fun for the Flutter Sleeve Tunic for our MyDollMyStyleSew-Along for Week 10.  To complete the outfit, I made another pair of Athletic Shorts. Using the same floral mesh (sans sequins from the wide selvage edge of the fabric), I cut the optional side panels omitted in my first pair of shorts to create a dressier outfit than my casual Be Mer-mazing short set.  Seeing what everyone in the sew-along posts to our Closed Facebook Group is what really inspires me week-to-week!

An adorable fringed purse is next week’s pattern, so stop back to see how it turns out!

MDMS Sew-Along Week 9: Flutter Sleeve Dress


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I kept it fairly simple with Anna’s Week 9 My Doll, My Style Sew-Along Pattern:  Flutter Sleeve Dress, using white textured knit fabric with white lace for the bodice as I think it looks great on Lea with her lovely tan.



Remember, you’re welcome to join the sew-along at any time for any length of time and become eligible for monthly prize give-away’s.  If you’re inclined to do so, just follow the link above. The first month’s prize was a $25 gift card to The Fabric Fairy, which is an amazing prize if you like to sew! 😉


18″ Doll Corps de Ballet Romantic Tutu + Info: Upcoming FREE New Pattern!


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Hoping my title will get the attention of many, as the ladies @ Lee & Pearl continue to create amazing patterns!  If you sign up for their newsletters, you’ll receive an amazing FREE pattern + BONUS, if you sign up right now, you’ll score last year’s pattern (She Blinded Me With Science Unisex Lab Coat), as well as the new-release pattern, which they’ve just “sneak-peeked” here.  AS IF that’s not enough, BOTH patterns INCLUDE 18-inch, 16-inch & 14-inch sizes . . . sooo, GO sign up here!


I recently completed Lee & Pearl’s Pattern #1072: Corps de Ballet Romantic Tutu for a dear friend who’s finished it off beautifully with a doll, crown, shoes plus ballet accessories to donate to her church auction.  Don’t let this pattern fool you, as I’ve never made anything so intricate, but their excellent details and photos make it very do-able!

Also, Lee & Pearl just began adding very simple patterns @ very reasonable prices to their shop in all 3 popular sizes with many more to follow.  Here’s their 1st: Gym Shorts, so they now have something for every sewing level. Hope you enjoy looking around @ Lee & Pearl and if you click on my Lee & Pearl tags, you’ll see other items I’ve sewn using their patterns.