NOTICE: All Dolled Up Doll Clothes


Previous links in posts for All Dolled Up Doll Clothes DO NOT WORK due to Terrie’s recent retirement, but are for sale through her Facebook Page, as well as her most popular patterns through Craftsy.


Week 5’s Final Sew-Along Entry


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What a fun and very challenging sew-along this was with all its many pleats, but I feel I learned a lot, all while having fun!  For the final week of Jen’s sew-along, I liked her blue/white sample (sewn for her American Girl) and when I spotted this pindot fabric in my stash, I had to use it for my Rainy Day dress.  Added the ‘dotted’ white buttons from my stash, though I wish they weren’t shank buttons.

If you’re reading this and would still like to enter, you have until this coming Sunday, June 24th @ midnight (MDT) to complete your dress and add it to the Flickr site here.

Week 3 & 4 Entries: 2018 Summer Sew-Along


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I re-blogged Jen’s Final Sew-Along challenge post for 2018’s Sew-Along just below and she’s given us until Sunday night June 24th to complete the finale. Since it contains many pleats, including a curved one on the bodice and tucks on the sleeves, it’s great to have a bit more time! 😉

I wasn’t particularly happy with my Week 3 sewing/trim/fabric, etc., so hadn’t posted it before. We had an unexpected death in my family and I couldn’t deal with what displeased me, but it’s here with all it’s imperfections today, along with my Week 4 entry in mint green.

Pleats were quite a bit easier this week! I added my own spin by placing the bodice gathering at the sides instead of in front between the pleats. It’s probably not ‘period correct’, but I like the result.  Hope you’ll join in on Jen’s final sew-along this next 10 days!

Summer sew along final week!

Final Sew-Along Week and (you guessed it!). . .more pleats and even a few tucks to challenge you, plus a bonus extra 3 days to complete this one. . .


Good morning and welcome to the last week of the summer sew-along!

Today is the last day to get in your submissions for the Boating Dress to get the free accessory pattern!  If you missed the pattern it’s available now on etsy here


Yes, that’s the new AGAT Elinor, isn’t she stunning?   It was a looooong wait but worth it, I decided after a quick photo shoot this morning.  I was thrilled to find she is pretty in real life AND photographs really well too.  For me, one major key for good doll photos is eye placement and how well the eyes seem to “look” into the camera at you.  In the photo above I had an assistant holding up a big piece of batiste to block the intense sun where it hit her, but in the one below she was just in the shade:


The hat she’s wearing…

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Summer sew along week 4!

Who’s up for more pleats in Week 4?


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s seaside costume and the accessory pattern (shoes) will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

Wow, are we already a month into this?  It has been one of the most stressful sew alongs for me because of the resizing and accessory patterns – kind of  like getting 3 blog posts done every week!  It’s been probably the most challenging sewing-wise too, and I’m thrilled to see what everyone has done!  I’m not linking here, because last week when I put in tons of pix from Flickr it somehow tripped a spam filter and wordpress took the blog offline.  Wow, that was terrifying!! So, I’ll just direct you here: to see all the exquisite work everyone has done!


The Ramble pattern is ready now in both sizes here:


The seaside…

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Summer Sew Along week 3

Oops, posted my photos this AM of my Week 2 outfit (next post down) and forgot to Reblog Jen’s post.


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s Ramble costume and the boot pattern will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

Oh my goodness…you did SUCH a nice job on the last two weeks of costumes!

I urge you to go see everyone’s work here, I’ll just link a few examples:


The safari hat is just perfect!  This is by Juliette Auckland

SSA2 - Ramble Suit

The contrasting fabrics are such a nice touch here in this costume by sewbig


Check out the amazing pleats on the skirt here by slpslee

It seems to have resized just fine for smaller dolls too:


(By Helen Webb)

Bunnies or Trolls?

by nethenekhthon

There were so many beautiful things from the first week too:


like this modernized version by Alison Moreton

Wrenfeathers SSA2018

This one by quickdrawannie


and beautiful lace on this one by catknapp

This week is an…

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Week 2 Entry: 2018 Summer Sew-Along


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I’ve hoarded this honey-colored linen fabric for years, but knew I had to use it for this challenging and detailed Edwardian Ramble outfit for WrenFeathers annual Summer Sew-Along this week:

With her red hair, A Girl for All Time’s Clementine seemed perfect to model this historical piece.  I’m not thrilled with how the center back pleat looks on my skirt, but imagine given more time & lots of math, I could improve my pleating skills?! ;’)

Jen’s pattern w/included AG size pattern pieces will be available within a week @:WrenFeathers’ Etsy Store!

Week 3’s pattern is now available & free today only/available for purchase next week on Etsy w/included AG sizing.

To see all Summer Sew-Along participants’ photos on Flickr go here.  Enjoy! 😉

Summer Sew Along week 2

Up for this challenge? Hoping I’m up to it! 😉


Reminder: Today is the last day to get your entries in for last week’s garden party dress and the accessory pattern will be emailed tomorrow.  Scroll to the bottom of this post for the links!

This week is an Edwardian “Ramble” Costume!

Are you up for a challenge?  Do you love making pleats and sewing on tiny buttons?  This is the outfit for you! 🙂  If your pleat skills are a little rusty, check out the guide below!

Because this week’s outfit is challenging, I’ll tell you in advance the associated accessory pattern for this will be the boots you see on Nisha, which will work for that size foot only.  If you’re shrinking the patterns and sewing along with a 13”-14” doll, these are similar to the boots from the French Fashion Doll series and that size pattern is here.  Pleats don’t always enlarge-reduce correctly, so you might…

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2018 Summer Sew-Along


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WrenFeathers‘ annual Summer Sew-Along featuring an Edwardian summer wardrobe AND accessories for 16-inch dolls, such as AGAT and Sasha, is up and running! In this week’s post Jen explains how to reduce the pattern for Wellie Wishers or H4Hs!  You can go to Jen’s weekly post every Thursday for future Sew-Along challenges.  You MUST download the pattern each Thursday to participate in that week’s sew-along and receive a bonus sewing or craft pattern weekly (OR you can purchase the sew-along patterns later with added AG size and accessory patterns included through her Etsy store).

I’ve participated for several years and really enjoy Jen’s beautiful patterns and sewing challenge. Here’s my Week 1 result modeled by AGAT Clementine:


Edwardian Garden Party Dress

SSA will start next week!


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For all who sew for AGAT/Sasha/etc. dolls, do check out this post for Jen’s Summer Sew-Along (SSA):


If you are on the Bex/Elinor pre-order list, you probably got the recent email that they are delayed even LONGER now due to bad weather and not expected to arrive until May 22 and then have to clear customs, get shipped, etc.  😦

SO, that’s the bad news, the good news for you is even though the initial plan was to start the Summer Sew-Along after they arrived because I was so excited to have them to model the SSA outfits, I’m giving up on waiting and we’re starting the SSA next week!  If you’re waiting for yours too, you can get a head start on sewing, and just think how happy they’ll be to have some new clothes to change into after their long voyage!

This year, based on your votes, it’s going to be an Edwardian summer wardrobe AND accessories!  We’ll follow some English dolls from “Wrenton…

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