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I re-blogged Jen’s Final Sew-Along challenge post for 2018’s Sew-Along just below and she’s given us until Sunday night June 24th to complete the finale. Since it contains many pleats, including a curved one on the bodice and tucks on the sleeves, it’s great to have a bit more time! 😉

I wasn’t particularly happy with my Week 3 sewing/trim/fabric, etc., so hadn’t posted it before. We had an unexpected death in my family and I couldn’t deal with what displeased me, but it’s here with all it’s imperfections today, along with my Week 4 entry in mint green.


Pleats were quite a bit easier this week! I added my own spin by placing the bodice gathering at the sides instead of in front between the pleats. It’s probably not ‘period correct’, but I like the result.  Hope you’ll join in on Jen’s final sew-along this next 10 days!