I had to add adorable Camille, AG’s new 14.5″ WellieWisher’s little blond cutie who loves the ocean, as every ‘mermade’ needs her, right?  LOL!  She also makes a great ‘little sis’ for Kit or even Julie, though their eye color is different, just like mine & my brothers. She’s a perfect size for a younger girl to play with, comb her hair and dress and since her body is non-fabric, easy to care for.  See, I thought of so many reasons why I had to have Cami!  🙂 She can even share Kit’s barrettes!


Not! for Knit’s T-Shirt with Dress Variation pattern by Forever 18 Inches sold @ pixiefaire.com/

I purchased her @ ToysRUs recently, which is MUCH closer than our Scottsdale AG Place, and couldn’t wait to sew her a new dress!  She need still needs shoes badly, but they aren’t my fav thing to make.  I will one day, as even WW’s can’t wear boots ALL the time and AG hasn’t really come out with any for these smaller dolls yet.  I always wish AG and Journey Girls (TRU) dolls had shoe sets available.  JG’s actually did a couple years ago, but not recently, sadly.  They are very pretty dolls, but all their shoes until just recently (and still available only with outfit purchase) were the same, just different colors and not very exciting.  I prefer to sew doll clothing, but a ‘girl’ just needs matching shoes, after all, and especially sandals here in the desert – sigh!

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