Though I didn’t get a decent photo of these outfits, I thought I’d share anyway as an example of what can be done when you’re disappointed or just wanting to save money. My friend tried ordering Grace’s discontinued Sightseeing Outfit on sale, but it had sold out. Thankfully I’d ordered a bit sooner, so off to Joann’s where we found a black/white striped knit for a knock-off version for her GD and I ordered a ‘sample’ piece of black baby sequin fabric for the bodice.  Using white tulle w/sequined circle fabric from my stash, I sewed her skirt that I actually like better than AG’s.


Can you tell which is which?

Unbelievably, I found identical sandals online (w/Velcro bows to change out in 5 colors) to complete her outfit!  LOVE it ‘when a plan comes together’ so perfectly!